Small but Mighty – Chair Glides for Hospitality

Chair Glides

Small but Mighty – Chair Glides for Hospitality

Glides are those often-invisible bits at the bottom of chair legs

that provide protection for the chair leg and, probably more importantly, the floor below them.

Slide rails are attached to wooden chair legs with nails, screws, or glue;

metal chair legs are usually inserts or caps he is called Chair Glides.

Which Chair Foot Glides Should You Choose?

Chair Glides

Rough floors or floors that can ‘catch’ chair legs that are being slid across Rough floors are a danger to not only glides, but also the chairs themselves.

Furniture that sits on such a floor must have the strongest plastic/nylon slides possible,

but the frame of the chair slides must also be particularly stable.

The most common reason for not using plastic/nylon pads is that they can be noisy,

and felt pads seem to be a better solution – they are softer and can be quieter and smoother on some hard floors.

Therefore, it is better to use a chair glider

Felt pads tend to wear out faster and adhere less easily to the ends of chair legs,

making them more susceptible to being pushed away from the drag on rough, textured,

or uneven floors. Felt pads do not slide easily on some surfaces, especially carpets,

and are therefore not suitable for these surfaces and for example hard floors that are partially covered by carpets.

Glider stuck to the floor can damage the chair.

Chair Glides for Noisy Floors

Whilst plastic and nylon furniture glides for chairs are the most popular option

they can sometimes be a little noisy when used on hard floors such as wood, polished concrete,

laminate,  vinyl, lino, paquet or tiles. In these cases, a felt chair glide may be a preferred solution – made from a softer material,

they are quieter and smoother on some hard floors providing the floor is a smooth surface.

Felt alleviate the distracting noise of other customers chairs being pushed under their table whilst you are enjoying a meal.

Felt is perfect if you’re looking for chair leg glides for wood floors,

this also helps protect the wooden floors from chips and scratches to the surface.

However felt glides will always wear quicker and are less easy to affix to the end of a chair leg.

Chair Glides may become detached more easily by friction on a textured floor,

Chair Glides for Soft Floors

If the floor of your hotel, bar or restaurant is soft,

it’s important that your furniture gliders must be able to spread the weight of the chair as much as possible to avoid excessive indentations to the carpet.

For soft floors, glides need to be specified appropriate to the size and weight of the chair or table.

Usually, glides are specified by the manufacturer of contract seating.

Can glides be specified separately to the chair itself?

Chair Glides

Sometimes glides are fitted as part of the process of construction and Chair Glides is no choice,

but often enough chairs featured on our website offer a choice between felt and nylon glides.

To sum it all up, choosing the right furniture for Hospitality is essential to creating a comfortable and inviting space for your guests.

Keep the tips and information in this post in mind, and you’re sure to find the perfect suitable pieces for your property.

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