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KPMG Report

Unlocking Value: KPMG Report on Information Management’s Impact in Construction for Volker Vessels

Introduction: In a comprehensive report commissioned by the University of Cambridge’s Center for Digital Building UK (CDBB),

KPMG delves into the transformative power of information management in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Focusing on Volker Vessels, a leading player in the industry, the report explores how effective information management shapes operations and drives success.KPMG Report

UK’s Role in Information Management: 1.1 The Digital Transformation Strategy – “Tomorrow Now”: In 2018, Volker Vessels initiated the ambitious

“Tomorrow Now” digital transformation strategy, encompassing five key business domains. Central to this vision is the dual emphasis on being “powered by data and powered by people,”

reflecting the fusion of technology and human capital.

1.2 Volker Vessels UK’s Digital Toolbox Approach: At the core of the company’s approach to capital deployment is the Digital Toolbox,

a dynamic framework designed to measure and evaluate the impact of digital transformation on individual client projects. Three key deliverables underpin this approach:

  • Reduced Downtime Costs
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Employee Productivity .Saudi Design Group

Advantages of Digital Transformation for Volker Vessels

2.1 Work Efficiency Enhancement: Leveraging the Digital Toolbox in five Volker Fitzpatrick projects is expected to yield a notable 3.7% reduction in on-site staff time.

This not only enhances work efficiency but also enables staff to concentrate on critical activities such as supply chain management, risk mitigation, and reducing downtime costs.KPMG Report

2.2 Project Margin Improvement: Anticipated project margin improvement of approximately 1% stems from a synergistic blend of increased efficiency margin and avoided costs.

This equilibrium (50/50 split) showcases the dual benefits attributed to each aspect of the digital transformation initiative.KPMG Report

2.3 Financial Return on Investment: A meticulous evaluation of costs associated with technology adoption, training, and implementation indicates a promising financial return. The report estimates a project reimbursement of £6.90 for every £1 invested in project-specific costs using the Digital Toolbox approach.

KPMG Report on Construction Transformation

About Volker Vessels UK: 3.1 Multidisciplinary Contractor:KPMG Report

Volker Vessels UK operates across five diverse yet interconnected business areas – [List the five areas] – providing innovative solutions in civil engineering and construction.

With a turnover of £1,180 million in 2019 and a workforce of around 3,000 nationwide, the company stands as a key player in the industry.

Surveyed Organizations: 4.1 Industry-Wide Participation: The KPMG report includes insights from various industry participants,

reflecting a broad spectrum of perspectives. Other surveyed organizations include Atkins, Faithful+Gould, Babcock, Balfour Beatty plc,Saudi Design Group

and several others, illustrating the collaborative nature of this research effort.KPMG Report

In the dynamic landscape of construction and infrastructure, Volker Vessels’ embrace of information management stands as a paradigm for industry success.

The KPMG report not only highlights the tangible benefits but also emphasizes the collaborative spirit evident in the collective pursuit of digital excellence within the sector.

KPMG Report on Construction Transformation

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