Location :Makkhah

Situated in the sacred city of Makkah, NOZL ALSOMO HOTEL offers a unique blend of modern comfort and traditional hospitality, catering to the diverse needs of pilgrims and visitors alike. With its strategic location near the Holy Haram, the hotel provides a convenient base for spiritual journeys and exploration of the holy sites.

NOZL ALSOMO HOTEL boasts a range of luxurious accommodations, from well-appointed rooms to spacious suites, each designed to ensure a restful stay. Guests can expect top-notch amenities and attentive service, enhancing their overall experience in the blessed city.


Modern Architecture

NOZL ALSOMO HOTEL boasts a contemporary architectural design that seamlessly blends with the surrounding urban landscape while maintaining its distinct identity. The sleek lines and elegant façade make it a striking landmark in the city.

Luxurious Accommodations: The hotel offers a range of luxurious accommodations, including well-appointed rooms and spacious suites, designed to provide guests with utmost comfort and relaxation during their stay in Makkah.

Meeting and Event Spaces

NOZL ALSOMO HOTEL offers versatile meeting and event spaces equipped with modern technology and professional support services, making it an ideal venue for business meetings, conferences, and social gatherings.

Concierge Services: The hotel provides personalized concierge services to assist guests with various needs, including transportation arrangements, sightseeing tours, and pilgrimage-related services, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable stay.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Guests can enjoy a host of state-of-the-art facilities, including high-speed internet access, flat-screen televisions, and in-room climate control, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience throughout their stay.

Stunning Interior Décor: The interior décor of NOZL ALSOMO HOTEL exudes sophistication and elegance, with tasteful furnishings, rich fabrics, and stylish accents creating an inviting ambiance

Family-Friendly Amenities

NOZL ALSOMO HOTEL offers a range of family-friendly amenities, including interconnected rooms, children's play areas, and babysitting services, ensuring that families traveling with children have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Accessibility Features: The hotel is equipped with accessibility features, such as wheelchair ramps, braille signage, and specially designed rooms for guests with disabilities, ensuring that

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