Location :Riyadh

PIF operates under the guidance of the Saudi Arabian government and is overseen by a board of directors chaired by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, ensuring alignment with the nation's economic objectives. With a diversified investment portfolio spanning various sectors such as technology, real estate, healthcare, and infrastructure, PIF plays a pivotal role in supporting the Kingdom's Vision 2030 agenda, which aims to reduce dependence on oil revenues and promote sustainable economic growth.


Modern Architectural Design:

The headquarters of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) boasts a modern architectural design characterized by sleek lines, glass facades, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
The design reflects PIF's commitment to innovation and progress, creating a dynamic and inspiring workspace for employees and visitors alike.

Technology Integration

PIF embraces cutting-edge technology throughout its facilities, incorporating smart building systems, advanced communication tools, and digital infrastructure.
This integration enhances operational efficiency, improves connectivity, and supports agile decision-making processes.
Iconic Landmarks:

PIF's investment projects often include iconic landmarks and architectural marvels that contribute to the cultural and economic development of their respective regions.

Sustainable Features:

PIF integrates sustainable features into its buildings, such as energy-efficient lighting systems, solar panels, and green spaces.
These features not only reduce environmental impact but also contribute to cost savings and promote a healthier work environment.
Collaborative Workspaces:

PIF's offices are designed to foster collaboration and creativity, with open-plan layouts, flexible workspaces, and communal areas.

Artistic Installations

PIF recognizes the importance of art and culture in enriching communities and enhancing the built environment.
As part of its projects, PIF incorporates artistic installations, sculptures, and public artworks that celebrate creativity and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of public spaces.
Luxury Amenities:

PIF's developments frequently feature luxury amenities such as high-end restaurants, boutique shops, luxury hotels, and recreational facilities.

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