5 Tips for Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable Furniture

5 Tips for Sustainable Furniture

As hotel operators and their guests are becoming ever more environmentally conscious,

many hospitality establishments are turning their focus to sustainable furniture design.

But what is sustainable furniture?

With Saudi Design Group, learn how can you improve the green credentials of your hotel, bar or restaurant.

Consider a Life-Cycle Assessment

Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable furniture designers can use a life-cycle assessment (LCA)

to assess the environmental aspects of a piece of contract furniture throughout its entire life-cycle –

from the extraction of raw materials to processing, packaging, transport, use and disposal.

Product life has 5 stages : pre-production, production, distribution, use, and disposal.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Saudi Design Group Ensures eco-friendly raw materials are being used during the Furniture manufacturing process.

Saudi Design Group  Use renewable and nontoxic materials, such as natural wood, bamboo or recycled materials,

to consider when thinking about sustainable hospitality furniture.We avoid using materials that are harmful,

non- recycable, such as those that include plastics or toxic chemicals.

Sustainable furniture is a type of furniture that uses materials with a minimal negative impact on the environment

Establish Sustainable Processes

One way to limit your hotel’s negative impact on the environment is to reduce plastic use and waste.

Consider using recyclable and biodegradable packaging and Sustainable Furniture

that will cause less damage to the environment and aim to use other materials that can be re-used from guest to guest reducing unnecessary waste.

Opt for Paints and Finishes with Low VOCs

As with fabrics and materials, paints and finishes can also be toxic.

To ensure your paints and finishes are as sustainable as possible,

you should make sure they are made using low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

as high levels of VOCs have been shown to have negatively affects on the environment.

Also, using sustainable furniture is the best of all

Create a Fully Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Furniture

Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass, are examples of sustainable practices.

Limit your food waste

Transporting and storing food for consumption uses a great deal of energy. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll have fresher food.

Eat more plant-based meals

Even one day a week of plant-based meals has an impact! According to Project Drawdown,

eating plant-based meals is the third most effective way to reduce carbon emissions globally out of the top 100 solutions.

Recycle and compost

Recycling and composting are convenient and great for our environment.

There are bins and posters around campus to help make it easy.

Leave your car at home

Protect the environment and save money by choosing an alternative to driving.

Between gas, parking, insurance, maintenance and repairs, cars can be expensive.

Reduce your plastic

Reusable items can help keep plastic out of landfills. Most single-use plastic items have a reusable alternative.

These include water bottles, travel mugs, shopping bags and snack bags.

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